Clubhouse Games
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Clubhouse Games

Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: Compilation

Rating: Parental Guidance, PG

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1 to 8

Clubhouse Games


It’s game night and everyone’s invited. Play more than 240 classic board, card and party games alone, with friends or via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

With familiar favourites like checkers, darts and poker, Clubhouse Games is for everyone and part of the Touch Generations library. Video game newcomers will appreciate the easy-to-use interface.

Players can challenge up to seven friends with one game card via Multi-Card Play or DS Download Play. Can’t play checkers without shouting “KING ME!” across the table? The in-game (PictoChat™-like) feature takes table talk to a new level.

There’s no need to lug around cards or boards when you want to play a quick game. Clubhouse Games is one-stop gaming that will appeal to everyone’s tastes, whether they’re in the mood for bowling, backgammon, bridge or billiards.

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Rating - Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

Gambling references