Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario Party: Island Tour

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Party

Rating: General, G

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Mario Party: Island Tour



We invite you to party in the clouds with Mario and friends on Mario Party: Island Tour, the first Mario Party title exclusive to Nintendo 3DS family systems!

Step into a board game with a twist and face off against your opponents in a tournament of minigame madness!
Mario Party: Island Tour features seven new game boards, 80 new minigames and a host of unique modes to play alone or with friends, making the first Mario Party game for Nintendo 3DS the most exciting yet!
Mario Party: Island tour can be picked up and played by the whole family, and also features Download Play* which allows four players to party together using just one Game Card. Mario Party: Island Tour really is a game that absolutely anyone can play!



*Broadband internet connection required. Internet usage charges may apply. Consult with your ISP



Mario Party: Island Tour

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multiplayer party


Mario Party: Island Tour is great fun when you're playing alone, but it's even better when you're playing it with friends! You can enjoy many of the modes with mates, and thanks to the wonders of Download Play, all you need is one copy of the game for a rip-roaring four-player party!*


dragon character

Dive headlong into Party mode and compete with your friends on all of the exciting game boards, or pick out your favourite minigames and challenge each other to see who's the best. Test your friends with tricky puzzle games and even discover who's the AR* game champion – the fun never ends!

Even when you're all by yourself, you're never playing alone thanks to StreetPass Minigames! Pass by other players with your Nintendo 3DS to exchange data and bring their Mii characters into your game, where you can challenge them in solo play! Up to ten other players can be stored at once and challenged to a randomly-selected minigame - have you got what it takes to beat everyone you meet?


*Please note: Download Play requires each player to have a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS system, sold separately.

mario party


Mario Party: Island Tour takes the famous Mario Party formula and gives it a twist to offer even more modes than ever before! Whether you're a veteran Mario Party fan looking to roll dice, travel the board and emerge as the victor or a newcomer out to challenge yourself against masses of minigames, you're guaranteed to find something that'll keep you partying!

Party Mode

Put the Mario Party gameplay you know and love into the palms of your hands with Party mode! Pick your favourite Mushroom Kingdom character, then go it alone or face off against friends on seven different game boards, each with their own unique rules and quirks. Collect stars, grab items, roll dice or play cards, all while competing in loads of new minigames. It's the ultimate Mario Party!


If you're short on time but still fancy a challenge, then head into Minigames mode and have a go at any of the 80 new minigames on your own terms! You'll find a variety of ways to enjoy the minigames of Mario Party: Island Tour here, including:

Time Attack - How quickly can you win ten minigames in a row? Test your skills against the clock and try to clear the minigames as fast as you can in this single-player challenge!

Balloon Race - The more minigames you win, the higher your hot-air balloon will soar. Win more games than the opposition and fly off into the sky for the win!

Puzzles - Pit your wits against a trio of challenging puzzle-based minigames. Match falling items before the grid fills up completely in Fall into Line, use your stylus to slide patterned panels around to clear the board in Chain Challenge, or box in stars to make them disappear in Starlight Connection.

AR Games - Use the ? AR card that came with your Nintendo 3DS family system to enjoy two amazing Augmented Reality minigames. Take aim at a horde of Goombas and shoot them down in Goombas Galore, or clamber up the walls of a tower – before it sinks down into the lava below – in Towers and Infernos.

Bowser's Tower

A Mario Party wouldn't be complete without Bowser... but no-one expected him to crash it with his own tower! Exclusively single-player, Bowser's Tower challenges you to make it up all 30 floors and meet the king of the Koopas at the top. Choose from two random minigames on each floor and beat three ghostly doppelgangers to continue on up, then defeat one of Bowser's crew in a boss battle on every fifth floor. Can you get to the top and defeat Bowser himself? There's only one way to find out!


As you play Mario Party: Island Tour and complete various tasks – playing on game boards, winning multiplayer games, defeating StreetPass opponents and so on – you'll earn Mario Party Points. These can be used in Collectibles mode to unlock all kinds of goodies and keep the party going!

StreetPass Minigames

Notch up StreetPass hits with other Mario Party: Island Tour players and you'll be able to challenge them to a head-to-head minigame battle! Up to ten players can be stored at any one time – pick one out to play against, then see who'll become the StreetPass champion and win a heap of Mario Party Points into the bargain!

Game Boards

In Party mode, there are all kinds of exciting experiences to be had depending on which game board you choose to play on. Each one has its own unique rules and playing style – combine that with the massive range of minigames available and no two games will ever be the same! Which one will be your favourite?

Perilous Palace Path

How quickly can you reach Princess Peach's palace? Race against your friends by throwing the dice and using items to either help you or hinder them. The more minigames you win, the better your chances will be!

Perilous Palace Path

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

Think that racing up the mountainside is easy? Think again – you could get caught by Banzai Bill! Take risks by moving along the path or play it safe by hiding in the caves – it's up to you. Just make sure you're not in the way when someone gets a Banzai Bill!

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

Star-Crossed Skyway

There's only one winner on the Star-Crossed Skyway, and it's the player with the most Mini Stars! Race to Star Stages before your friends to earn more Mini Stars, but avoid the pesky Mini Ztars that'll reduce your total instead

Star-Crossed Skyway

Rocket Road

It's a race... a race through outer space! Collect boosters as you move through the starry skies and use them to increase the numbers you can roll on the dice. Be careful not to roll a zero though, or your rocket will run into engine trouble!

Rocket Road

Kamek's Carpet Ride

The only way to win here is to play your cards right...literally! Use numbered cards to decide how many spaces you can move, and try to land exactly on the goal! Don't use all your best cards at the start though – the trick is knowing when to trump your friends!

Kamek's Carpet Ride

Shy Guy's Shuffle City

Using your own cards is one thing, but this game board sees you swapping cards with your opponents before making your move. Try to keep all the best cards for yourself, but don't be left with the dreaded Bowser Card!

Shy Guy's Shuffle City
Rating - General