NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Platform: Wii

Genre: Platform

Rating: Parental Guidance, PG

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1

NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The NEW PLAY CONTROL! series from Nintendo features Nintendo GameCube classics updated for Wii! New features, new experiences and, most importantly, new ways to control the games are waiting for you, whether you're new to the titles or have played the originals on GameCube.

Frok the creators of Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, hailed as one of the most inventive video games ever created on its original release for Nintendo GameCube returns with enhanced motion controls and new surprises.

Donkey Kong sets out to prove he's king of the jungle and beyond. He rampages through lava caves, savage seas and crazy locales like a ninja-chimp fortress. Only when Donkey Kong defeats all the kings of his world - by boxing with apes, rabid warthogs, ballistic elephants and giant birds - can he call himself king.

Players run, jump, swim, battle, swing on vines and collect bananas as they explore beautiful side-scrolling environments that span volcano caves, snowy peaks and fantastic skyscapes. Players also must hitch rides on parrots and killer whales, bounce off pinball-like obstacles and battle tons of bizarre enemies. Players collect bananas as they go, but the real trick lies in building up combo multipliers. This is done by linking different mid-air moves like vine swings, backflips and wall springs to avoid returning to the ground.

The movements of Donkey Kong are controlled through the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers - swing them to unleash attacks. Motion controls turn a player's hands into Donkey Kong's hands - moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuk gives the realistic feeling of grabbing vines, boxing or unleashing a powerful sound-wave clap.

New Additions:

  • Two brand new stages have been added.
  • New enemies to encounter
  • New bonuses to collect and new weapons to use.
  • New obstacles to overcome, such as Skull Stones, Shock Spheres and classic Cannon Barrels.
  • New monkey friends appear on many levels. Helper Monkeys give hints about how to survive the kingdoms and score more bananas, while Checkpoint Monkeys let players restart from midway through a level with their checkpoint banana total intact.
  • Two surprises at the end: a new boss challenge and a new victory celebration for Donkey Kong once he has become the king of everything. 


  • The Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers put Donkey Kong's actions right in players' hands. Players use buttons and motion controls to move through the game. When it comes time to box with bosses, players punch with both hands.
  • As Donkey Kong, players brave a jungle adventure by swinging, soaring, swimming and using acrobatic moves. But the goal isn't to run through levels as quickly as possible - the real skill lies in stringing moves together to travel like a daredevil, touching the ground as little as possible.
  • The game's imaginative worlds now have many areas partially redesigned to take full advantage of the new Wii controls. Newcomers will enjoy its fantastic jungles, dazzling caverns and wondrous seas, while fans of the original will discover fresh thrills as they take on the challenge of the new controls.


Rating - Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

Mild violence