Platform: Wii

Genre: Strategy

Rating: Parental Guidance, PG

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1 to 2


The NEW PLAY CONTROL! series from Nintendo features Nintendo GameCube classics updated for Wii! New features, new experiences and, most importantly, new ways to control the games are waiting for you, whether you're new to the titles or have played the originals on GameCube.

NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin 2 arrives on Wii complete with a new control scheme that makes directing Pikmin easier than ever, as well as an improved 16:9 display and gameplay alterations to enhance the experience.

Thanks to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, controlling Olimar, Louie, and the Pikmin under their command is now a more intuitive experience. Moving the Nunchuk Control Stick will direct Olimar and Louie, while simply pointing the Wii Remote at the screen will determine the position of your on-screen cursor. This makes the process of directing Pikmin, calling them to your side or highlighting a target for them to turn their attention to extremely straightforward.

Captain Olimar has just returned home, and is pleased to be in one piece. But home isn't always as sweet as it should be, and it turns out Olimar's intergalactic employer, Hocotate Freight, has fallen deep into debt in his absence.

Olimar must return to the dangerous planet and take charge of the Pikmin once more to find enough treasures to repay the company's debt.

This time around, Olimar won't be making his voyage alone - his colleague Louie will be coming along for the ride too. And after the dangers encountered on his last journey, Olimar is sure to be glad of an extra pair of hands to help command Pikmin and tackle the curious collection of hostile inhabitants that lie in wait. Like Olimar, Louie can take full control of the planet's Pikmin, and the option of switching between the two diminutive commanders whenever you like opens up a whole range of new strategic opportunities.

2-Player Battle:

  • Pikmin might be super-cute, but in 2-Player Battle mode there's a good chance things could turn ugly. The thrill of pitting your wits against a friend injects an entirely new kind of satisfaction to issuing orders to your diminutive sidekicks.
  • Facing off against a friend in split-screen combat, you'll have to guide either Olimar or Louie and a company of Pikmin as you search the Battle Arena for four yellow marbles and try to return them safely to your Onion.
  • Alternatively, you could attempt a raid on enemy territory and capture a single - more valuable - marble from your opponent to take back to your base. Either way, you'll have to carefully balance your desire for a sizeable army with a need for speed as you work to secure victory and settle any arguments over who is the true master strategist when it comes to coordinating the Pikmin under your power.

2-Player Challenge:

  • As with the one-player version of Challenge Mode, the aim of the game is to find a key that will ultimately offer you a way out of the Challenge Arena. However, unlike 2-Player Battle, you'll be working together instead of in opposition.
  • Don't expect an easy ride though! Even with two players scouring the Challenge Arenas, you'll have your work cut out to overcome the obstacles in your path.
  • To distinguish between your achievements in 1-Player and 2-Player Challenge Mode, your high scores will be recorded separately.
Rating - Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

Low level animated violence