Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Music, Rhythm

Rating: General, G

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1 to 4

Rhythm Paradise Megamix


Find your flow

Play along to the ultimate Rhythm Paradise playlist in Rhythm Paradise Megamix, only on Nintendo 3DS family of systems! More than 100 rhythm games await, including greatest hits from the series and all-new entries!

In time to infectious tunes, created in partnership with legendary Japanese music producer Tsunku♂, test your rhythm by chopping wood, sticking speeding viruses with forks, playing badminton while flying, and much more. Staying on beat is the aim in these deceptively challenging quick-fire rhythm games!

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Story time

In a first for the series, Rhythm Paradise Megamix includes a story mode. A strange creature called Tibby has fallen from the sky, and you’re just the person to get him back home. How? By besting rhythm games, of course!

It’s as simple as pressing a button, or tapping the Touch Screen, in time to the music. Audio and visual cues will guide you to hit the right beats – but don’t grow to rely on them too hard, as they’ll change or disappear to try and distract you!

Think your timing is top tier? Head over to Challenge Land to take on some tough trials, solo or with friends via Local Play or Download Play!*

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Pause for a beat

Need a break? Pop on over to the Café, where you can shop for trinkets and tunes from rhythm games you’ve played, check your scores, go up against other players via StreetPass, or even…look after a goat…?

You can switch between the European and Japanese soundtracks, or button and touch controls, here as well!

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Free demo** available now

A Rhythm Paradise Megamix demo is available to download now! Scan the QR Code here to go straight to the demo download page in Nintendo eShop.

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*Please note: Download Play requires each player to have a Nintendo 3DS family system, sold separately.

**Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.

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The story so far

When Tibby tumbles from the sky, it’s up to you to help him find his way back home to Heaven World!

As it turns out, Tibby’s not the only one who’s having a terrible time. Several bizarre lands lie before you, and they’re all suffering from a serious situation: they’ve lost their flow, bringing everything to a standstill.


Worse yet, until the flow is returned, the gates between the lands are locked up tight, blocking your way. Only you, and your expert rhythm, can save the day by keeping pace with a wealth of rhythm games.

…You are an expert, riiight...?




Rhythm nations

Each land has its own unique line-up of rhythm games, and you’ll need to beat them all to move ahead! From punching away objects to making first contact with friendly aliens, anything can happen in these bite-sized beat-fests.

Focus on the rhythm, do your best to ignore distractions, and press the buttons or tap the Touch Screen in time to the music. While each game might seem simple at first, any helpful audio and visual cues – or the music itself – can change or vanish altogether. All you can really rely on is your sense of rhythm!

You can practise before you play, and a handy feedback system on the Touch Screen shows you how well you’re doing. You’ll receive a score at the end of each rhythm game, plus in-game coins depending on how well you do. Extra coins will be yours if you make it through without missing a beat, or if you land a certain beat in each rhythm game just right! Spend them in the Shop to get mementos of your journey.

When the beat stops

Hold it! After every couple of lands, you’ll have to overcome a testing trial set by the Gatekeeper Trio – and you’ll need to pay a toll for the honour, too! You can choose the difficulty level of the trials, though, so you can find the one to suit you. Saffron Trials are easiest but cost the most coins, while Paprika Trials are tougher but cheaper. Saltwater Trials offer the best of both worlds!

Master the remixes

At the end of some sets of rhythm games, a remix awaits! Remixes take parts from other rhythm games and mash them up into something fresh and unexpected. You’ll need to be bang on beat to succeed, as these special showcases switch between styles in a matter of seconds!

Tricky tempos

All aboard the Challenge Train! In Challenge Land, ride through courses and take on rhythm games with different rules, like super speedy tempo. Do well and you’ll earn Flow Balls, which can be exchanged for new rhythm games in the Shop.

Up to four players can collaborate via Local Play or Download Play*, so everybody can play together even if you only have one copy of the game. You can challenge it on your own as well, but you’ll have to fork over some coins!


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*Please note: Download Play requires each player to have a Nintendo 3DS family system, sold separately.

Rhythm Games

There are over 100 toe-tapping rhythm games to enjoy, including new hits and returning fan-favourites from previous titles in the series.

Each rhythm game is its own unique challenge, but remember: no matter what the situation, strong rhythm is the way to win!

Here’s just a sampler of some rhythm games you’ll see.

Catchy Tune

Who’s throwing fruit down the stairs?! No matter, just catch it – it’s free!

Rhythm Tweezers

That’s one hairy onion! Pluck off those unsightly roots, please!

Fruit Basket

Bounce the fruit into the baskets in this sweet game of street basketball.

Rhythm Rally

Return the ball to the beat in a timely round of table tennis.

Tongue Lashing

Flick out your lizardy tongue to clear the house of critters. It’s helpful and delicious!


Fuel up the robots as they’re built. They’ll need juuuuust the right amount of juice!


These weak little cats need help chopping their firewood – and you’re just the bear to help!

Flock Step

It’s migration season – stomp along to the beat and try not to ruffle the other birds’ feathers!

Hey, have you checked out the Café yet? >


The Café is Barista’s pride and joy, and he’s always looking for ways to expand it. There’s a bunch of things to do here, so keep checking back to see what else is added!

This is also the place to be when it comes to changing settings. Visit the Café to switch between the English and Japanese soundtracks, button and touch controls, and more.

Shop rocking beats

The Shop stocks all sorts of groovy goods! Use coins to buy memorabilia and music from rhythm games you’ve played, or exchange Flow Balls for new rhythm games.


Musical history

Step into the museum to see your best scores, the epilogue to each rhythm game and any music or items you buy from the shop. You can replay rhythm games here too.

Talk to the Curator to take a gander at your Mascot Collection, any Badges earned through play, or recall precious memories from the story.


Get your goat

Barista wanted fresh milk for the coffee, so he went and got a goat. It’s not producing milk, though, and he could really do with some help raising it…

Launch turnips to feed the hungry goat and level it up! More turnips will grow whenever you play rhythm games, but if you don’t have any, you can buy them for one coin apiece. If you’re lucky enough to activate Turnip Fever, you’ll be able to launch as many as you want within a time limit – it’s the perfect opportunity to quickly grow that goat!

Every ten levels you’ll get a golden egg containing a collectable mascot. Can you get them all?

Meet and beat

At the StreetPass Terrace, compete against players you meet via StreetPass, or in-game characters. Punch in time to the beat to inflate your opponent’s balloon until it explodes, then scoop up your winnings: turnips and coins! That goat will be ever so happy!


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Rating - General


Very mild violence, online interactivity