Samurai Warriors 3
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Samurai Warriors 3

Platform: Wii

Genre: Fighting

Rating: Mature Audiences, M

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: Out Now

Players: 1 to 2

Samurai Warriors 3

Samurai Warriors 3 is an evolution of the Warriors series, featuring an innovative new game mode and a completely fresh new storyline.

In addition to a host of new characters, brand new combat and gameplay elements, the game will also test players with new tactical and strategic challenges on the battlefield.

Samurai Warriors 3 offers two-player online and offline co-op with enhanced sharing features. The game also unveils a special new game mode; based on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game Nazo no Murasamejo (The Mysterious Murasame Castle), originally inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto. The new mode will offer players the chance to control characters never seen before outside of Japan.

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Rating - Mature Audiences

Mature Audiences