With the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can connect wirelessly, chat and play with Nintendo DS owners across the globe. All you need to play is a Nintendo DS, a wireless broadband internet connection and a Wi-Fi ready game. There are no subscription fees - the service is complimentary! USB Connector

If you want to know if a game is compatible with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, simply look for this logo on the games packaging. Wifi

To use the Nintendo WI-Fi Connection, you need:


  • a Nintendo DS
  • a Wi-Fi compatible game
  • a Broadband Internet Connection
  • a Wireless Router


If you do no have a wireless router, you can purchase a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Headset

Use the Nintendo DS Headset to talk / chat over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with games like Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl (all players need a copy of the same game and must register each others friend code) - or use with voice command games like nintendogs.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Support

For technical support if you are having trouble connecting, please visit www.nintendowifi.com.au.

There are also Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection hotspots around the country that will offer complimentary access to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. These can be found at certain retailers.