Wii WiiWare

Broadband internet connection required. Internet usage charges may apply. Consult with your ISP


Wii Shop channel

Check the Wii Shop Channel for information about WiiWare games. You can also find information and videos on WiiWare and other games on the Nintendo Channel and the nintendo.com.au Game Guide.


Nintendo Points

You can only get WiiWare games using Nintendo Points. Purchase Nintendo Points either from your local Nintendo retailer or via the Wii Shop Channel with a credit card.


Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection puts you in touch with players everywhere - from across the room to across the world. Use Friend Codes to play online with specific people, or compete anonymously through global matchmaking. With millions of players online, you'll always find someone ready to play!


Games as Channels

Once you have downloaded the game it will appear in your Wii Menu as a new channel. Click this new channel and enjoy your game! Remember to visit nintendo.com.au and the Nintendo Channel often to discover new games.